About Us

Eduken is India’s first integrated education and career consulting company. Eduken is  committed for better education and better careers. At Eduken, we want that a child should realize its full potential. We want that parents spend their money wisely on their child’s education and get the best outcome on their investment. We want to remove the confusion and give students a clearer path to follow based on their personality, knowledge and aspirations.


2 Responses to About Us

  1. Apoorv Singh says:

    I want to enquire about the pattern of sat… If i give math 2… In d science section can i give both physics and chemistry…

    • eduken says:

      You can take subject tests of both Physics and Chemistry with your Math 2 subject test. However, it would be better if you check with the department where you are applying. Generally either Physics or Chemistry works well with Math2.

      For SAT pattern you can visit this link on our website http://eduken.in/TestsforStudyAbroad.htm#sat

      Good luck for your tests!

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