One more week to go for IELTS in Lucknow

Dear Students,

As we are in the midst of the festival season, enjoyed Durga Puja, Dussehra, Eid and eagerly waiting for Diwali celebrations, I would like to remind you that only ONE week is left in your IELTS exam at Lucknow. British Council is conducting this test on November 08th in Lucknow and the venue is Hotel Piccadily. Students will take their Listening, Reading and Writing test on 8th and the Speaking will be held a day earlier or later.

I take this initiative to give you some last-minute tips to boost your test preparation and score a higher band in your test. Here are some quick and most important tips:

  1. When you practice take note of the allotted time. Don’t go even a minute over than the time given.
  2. Don’t leave any question unanswered as there is no negative marking (sometimes an intelligent guess works)
  3. Adopt a question specific approach for Listening and Reading section
  4. In Reading section set timeline – about 20 Questions within first 30 minutes
  5. For Essay Writing – think clearly and plan before you begin writing
  6. Practice Speaking with your Test Buddy or your trainer
  7. Take at least three full length test before November 08th
  8. Take out your Original Passport and don’t forget to carry it with you on the test day. Else, you are not allowed to appear for the test.

If you want to know more about the test tips, I strongly recommend you to read the post English – the IELTS Way by us.

Make sure to use these last-minute tips to your test preparation.

I hope that this information will help you to improve your test scores. If you like this post and want to give feedback, please join us on our Facebook Page. A simple like on this page will encourage us to write more for you.

All my best,

Vipul Tandon

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