Is GMAT Integrated Reasoning giving you sleepless nights?

New GMAT Exam

If you are preparing for the New GMAT, then probably Integrated Reasoning section is giving you sleepless nights. Integrated Reasoning is a new section which is recently introduced into the New GMAT. During my last several sessions with prospective GMAT students, I have noticed that they are too much worried about this section (believe me, this is not an exaggeration). The main reason for their worry is due to non-availability of enough practice material on IR section.

In last three months, I interacted with admission directors and recruiters of several top B-schools and asked how they are going to use the IR section scores to evaluate a candidate. The good news is that majority of them are not taking the IR section scores too seriously in evaluating the profile of a candidate. This is something new for them as well, and it will take time for them, to make good use of IR section scores. Therefore, IR section scores are not so important for 2013 applications. B-schools will see your IR scores if you have taken the New GMAT, but will focus on Quantitative, Verbal, AWA and total scores. My suggestion to all prospective GMAT takers is to focus more on other sections of the test and stop worrying about IR section, for now. If you want to know more about New GMAT, read ‘This is the time for New GMAT.”

I hope that this post will help you in releasing some tension out of your GMAT preparation and will give you a reason to cheer.

To your success,

Vipul Tandon

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