This is the time for “New GMAT”


What is the “New GMAT”? 

The New GMAT is the new format of GMAT test which is active from today (June 05, 2012). GMAT test takers will now take only the New GMAT. Though there will be no change in the total duration of the test (it remains roughly a four-hour test with breaks), a new section called Integrated Reasoning is introduced and the 30 minute Analytical Writing Issue section has gone. The format of the New GMAT  is:


Next Generation GMAT

Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA)

30 minutes

Quantitative Section

75 minutes

Verbal Section

75 minutes

Integrated Reasoning (New)

30 minutes

Total Exam Time

3 hours, 30 minutes

Besides this section change, there is no change in the Quantitative and Verbal section of the test, and both these sections and their question patterns are same as in the older test.

The purpose of this blog post is to bring focus to the New GMAT as we shall be posting a series of articles on this new test format. Keep visiting our blog page or join us on our facebook page to take part in discussions on GMAT.

To your success,

Team Eduken

Disclaimer: The views expressed in this post are personal. While we have made efforts to ensure the accuracy of our content (consisting of articles and information), neither this blog nor the author shall be held responsible for any losses suffered by people accessing or using the content.


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